Pop-Up Gallery

Our Mission

Pop-Up Gallery by Molina Art LLC

Mission Statement

The Pop-Up Gallery by Molina Art LLC is designed to bring more of the arts into everyone’s daily lives. We wish to promote our local talent in places that will help them to gain notoriety in the community, and also to provide opportunities to sell their work.

We will do this by setting up our mobile gallery at various locations throughout the year, featuring a variety of artists and mediums.

If this is something you are interested in being a part of please fill out an application!

Host an Event!

Bring more attention to your business or group by hosting a mobile gallery of local artists.  This is an excellent way to draw more attention to an event you’re already putting on or to get new potential customers in your door.  Our artists and mediums are diverse and easily tailored to your needs and expectations.  Bring some creative energy into your business, bring in more business!

What can this event do for you?  We will set up an amazing gallery style display of highly rated and awarded local artist in a manner that matches your clientele and space availability.  We will promote people in the community and throughout to come see our work.  While they are there they will be primed to also explore your business and will be inspired to encourage other friends and family to do the same.  This means that just by us being there and promoting our display YOUR business gets more customers!

This is a great idea for an open house or any pre-existing event that you have going on as well.  Even if this is a closed event you will bring a whole new element of entertainment into your meeting, social, party, or conference.

Who we are:

            The PopUp Gallery is made up of professional and local artists.  We are supported by nationally known artist Joe Molina.  We came together to help promote each others work and encourage art in our community. 

Places that love our art:

            Banks, Real-estate Open Houses, Fine Dinning Restaurants, Doctors offices

If this is something you would like to consider participating in as either an artist or hosting a location please contact us.

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